Rokko Butter Co., Ltd. (“Company”) recognizes that customer personal information is important information. In addition to complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003), we strictly handle personal information as described below.

1.Collection of personal information

We collect personal information through this website (“Website”) during activities such as campaigns, email distribution services, surveys, and sample distribution that can be used to identify individual customers.

2.Use of personal information

Personal information collected by the Company is used for purposes explicitly indicated to the customer. Personal information is not used for purposes other than those for which consent has been received from the customer.

3.Protection and management of personal information

The Company strictly manages personal information provided by customers and implements appropriate measures to prevent loss, destruction, leaks, modification, or unauthorized access.
Furthermore, portions of Website management are consigned to external parties. In cases of consignment, we provide instruction and supervision to contractors to prevent information leaks.

4.Corrections to and deletion of personal information

If a request is received from a customer concerning corrections to or the deletion of said customer’s personal information, we shall comply with said request promptly.
However, deletion requests may result in the Company’s inability to provide information or other services.

5.Personal information disclosure

Customer personal information may be disclosed in the event of the following.

1)When customer consent is received
2)When disclosure or provision is required by law

6.Access history

Information on customer Website access, including information on time of use, access location, and accessed pages, is stored on Company web servers.
This is generally conducted as part of server management and collected information is used for purposes such as recording access counts and ranking page popularity. This information does not include information that can be used to identify individual customers.

7.Revisions to our Personal Information Protection Policy

To ensure the protection of customer personal information, the Company continuously reviews the content of this policy to make improvements.
We do not provide notice of revisions to individual customers so we recommend customers occasionally check this page.